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Auto Glass Repair

A Brief Guide on Different Types of Auto Glasses

  Did your car get into an accident? Several components of your car might have been damaged, including the auto glass. Now, you can’t leave your auto glass damaged and drive safely. So, you must call an auto glass service provider to get quotes on replacement glass, but before that, you should learn how to differentiate between different types of auto glass. Here’s a brief guide on different types of auto glass that will help you provide detailed information to your auto glass service provider:


Windshield refers to the window glass at the front of your car, which allows a driver to view the road. It’s an important component of a vehicle that supports the roof structure of your vehicle. It also protects you from the wind and keeps out the trash and other debris from the road and withstand the sudden impact of airbags and allows them to deploy safely. The windshield glasses are made of laminated glass, which is designed to provide maximum levels of protection in case of an accident. In high impact situations, the glass shatters, but the broken pieces don’t disperse and stick to the vinyl inner lining, preventing further injuries. READ: Why Is Windshield Maintenance So Important?

Front and rear door glasses

As the name implies, front and rear door glasses are the window glasses installed in your door. Depending on the car design, they slightly vary in terms of design and size. The front and rear door glasses are made of tempered glass. If broken, they disintegrate into small pieces of glass, which also help avoid additional damage to occupants in the vehicle.

Front and rear vent glasses

Front and rear vent glasses are auto glass windows that are mounted on the sides of vehicles, next to the front and rear door glasses, respectively. These glasses were used to vent hot cabin air without using AC. However, in most modern vehicles, they’re a fixed piece that doesn’t open and close.

Quarter glasses

Quarter glasses, also known as valance windows, are side-facing glass windows that can be considered as an extension of door or vent glasses. These small-paneled windows were also designed for ventilation, in old vehicles, but modern cars are equipped with air conditioning systems, so they no longer serve this function. However, quarter glasses do offer better visibility to a driver and help eliminate blind spots, improving road safety. Like door glasses, they are also made from tempered glass.

Back glass

Back glass, or rear windshield, is the glass mounted on the backside, opposite the windshield, of a vehicle. Similar to the front windshield, it offers protection from outdoor elements like dirt, dust, pests, etc. But back glass is made of tempered glass, unlike front windshields, which are designed using laminated glass, which means its priced differently.


Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) auto glasses are manufactured by the same company who made original auto glasses. Conversely, Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) auto glasses are manufactured by a different company. Both offer almost the same quality, but OEM products come with a better warranty. Are you searching for professional auto glass and windshield repair and replacement services? Call AAR Auto Glass today! Based in Houston, TX, we’re a renowned automotive glass company that has been serving the auto industry for more than three decades. Give us a call at (832) 303-0318 to get started!  

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