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Windshield Repair

Big Rig Windshield Care: What You Need To Know

You can log as many highway miles as you like, and your big rig windshield will take it all—and then some. Even though big rig windshields are manufactured to be sturdier than those for economy sedans, they run a greater risk of damage. This is because such vehicles are often used for commercial businesses and long-distance transportation.It’s important that you only rely on the best quality auto glass and installation services for your big rigs. But apart from that, you also need to follow a maintenance routine for big rig windshields. You don’t want to risk the safety of your employees or your property! Here’s all you need to know about big rig windshield care.

How is it Different from Regular Windshield Maintenance?

Fundamentally speaking, there’s not a world of difference between big rig windshields and regular ones. But there are a few particulars that your big rig drivers need to know.
  • Drive carefully in heavy traffic if there are other big rigs on bumpy roads that can kick up rocks at your windshield.
  • Park the vehicle in a safe spot that prevents the risk of vandalism and natural hazards.
  • Identify windshield damage immediately and get them repaired before they aggravate.
  • Bear in mind the conditions for your commercial vehicle insurance and make sure not to violate them.

Cost Comparison

Big rig windshields are larger in size because they need to fit on cargo vans, semi-trucks, buses and other commercial transport. They’re also made from premium-grade auto glass that’s more durable than regular material. This drives up the cost of getting a big rig windshield installed.However, it’s important to note that basic repairs such as rock chip damages and minor cracks won’t necessarily be more expensive. Since the service is basically the same, it doesn’t require any additional compensation.

Types of Windshield Damages

Here are some common cases of windshield cracks that’ll need immediate repairs:Stress crack: Temperature fluctuations can cause stress cracks to appear in your windshield. This often happens during extreme hot weather or snow covering the auto glass.Edge crack: If a crack appears within 2 inches of the edge of your windshield, it’s an edge crack. They might appear minor but they can extend quickly up to 12 inches.Floater crack: This crack begins somewhere in the middle of the windshield and extends outwards (possibly to the edge of the glass).Crack chip: With a smaller impact point, crack chips are smaller in size and may be categorized as minor damage.If your commercial vehicle windshield has suffered damage and need glass auto repair Houston in Houston, come to us. Call us at (832) 303-0318 or shoot an email at

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