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Windshield Replacement

Can The Changing Seasons Affect Your Windshield?

Be it during the summer or just as the last of winter chills are bidding farewell, your windshield responds to changing seasons differently. This is because the temperature has an impact on the windshield and you need to tweak your maintenance schedule accordingly. If you want to stay up to date with seasonal effects on your windshield, give this blog a read.


The summer sun doesn’t just give you a nice tan but also affects your windshield. It might crack up a bit or show signs of chipping. Even though the summer heat is partly to blame, that alone is not the complete reason. When you jump in your car to escape the sweltering heat outside and crank up the A/C, that’s when it happens. The sudden drop in temperature and uneven temperature gradient across the space causes the windshield to crack. This is why it’s dangerous to park your car directly under the sun and turn the A/C on abruptly. It’s best to let the car cool down by rolling down the windows and turn the A/C to the coldest setting after the temperature normalizes. But if a crack is already showing on the windshield, get it repaired immediately.


Fall is a beautiful season with the crisp leaves layering the ground and the entire landscape turning to shades of rust. But not when it comes to the safety of your windshield. If you’re in the habit of parking your car in the shade of a tree, quit that habit when fall arrives. Because it’s not just the dried leaves that fall off, it’s also branches, nuts, and twigs. This can be hazardous for the integrity of your windshield. Falling objects can damage your windshield if they hit with enough force. As a safety measure, park your car in hooded areas or away from the trees.  


The severity of winters is the worst for your windshield. Even though Houston generally receives relatively moderate weather, it’s known to see a temperature drop to an average of 47 degrees Fahrenheit in January. From skidding on icy roads to icicles dropping from above, the season is ridden with safety hazards for your windshield. Intense winters are perilous for your car windshield because you would want to spike up the heater settings as soon as you get in the car. This sudden rise in the temperature can lead to potential cracks in the auto glass. Similar to the summer maintenance routine, make sure to heat the car gradually instead of instantly blasting hot air.


With the blooms and colors sprouting everywhere you see, spring is a treat for the eyes. But not so much when your windshield gets damaged and affects your visibility. This season is characteristic of sudden shifts in weather and unexpected storms. Needless to say, such storms and strong winds are a red flag for your windshield. Be wary of sudden rains and rough winds. Wet roads are as risky to drive on as is loose debris dangerous for your windshield when it hits. Apart from that, you can drive as usual. Just be regular with your maintenance and repairs. Are you looking for a reliable auto glass service? Because we are one! We offer auto glass and windshield repair and replacement in Houston, TX for all your auto glass needs. Call us for repairs; we will work on it on top priority!  

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