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Windshield Repair

Does Your Car Insurance Cover Auto Glass Repair & Replacement?

The windshield is one of the largest and most effective safety components of your car. It protects the passengers from wind, rain, debris and reduces the impact of crash injuries, quite possibly also saving lives in the process. However, when a windshield is damaged, its repair or replacement may cost a lot!

Does Insurance Cover Windshield Repair?

The good news is that most auto insurance policies are willing to take on the expenses of chip repair, and they may even waive the deductible while they are at it. Actually, your insurers would rather have you quickly and effectively fix the chip than file for a windshield replacement claim later on. Typically, an auto insurance policy covers repairing costs for windshield cracks that are smaller than 6 inches. Thanks to modern repair processes, it is possible fix these chips and cracks quickly and effectively. However there still are plenty of carriers who’d rather you replaced the damaged windshield altogether.

Does Insurance Cover Windshield Replacement?

Yes. Windshield replacement is covered under comprehensive auto insurance policies, minus the applicable deductibles. Many states want their motorists to replace broken or damaged glass promptly, and that’s why the waived deductibles are a great incentive to car owners. Your insurance company might also recommend windshield installers on their own. However, you as the vehicle owner have the final say on who actually does the job.

What about Drivers without Any Coverage?

Without coverage windshield costs can vary greatly. The type, make and model of the vehicle can affect the cost, as well as the location of repairs and the type of glass used during the repairs or replacement work. Work with reliable windshield replacement services that offer a guarantee that they use factory quality OEM windshield glass. There are plenty of less expensive materials out there, but these may also be of lower quality. When you’re paying for a windshield replacement out of pocket, it’s appealing to go with the least expensive option available. Experts warn that it is never a good idea. Anyone in need of windshield repair and replacement from across Houston can turn to us at AAR Auto Glass. We have one of the most modern and extensive windshield work infrastructures in the industry. That’s why our technicians can easily serve a large number of cars at any given time. Learn more about our services here.

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