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Windshield Replacement

Got Any Doubts? 4 Signs Your Car Windshield Replacement Company Didn’t Do a Good Job

It hasn’t been too long since you got your windshield replaced. You drive around town loving that brand-new auto glass. Soon enough, you notice a few odd things about your windshield but aren’t sure if it’s just the hyper critical side of you.If that’s the case, we have short listed 4 sure signs of a poorly replaced windshield that your dealer deserves an earful for.

The Purr of the Engine Isn’t the Only Sound You Hear at High Speeds

A major sign of improper windshield replacement is a sudden ‘whooshing’ sound or something similar when you drive at high speeds. What you’re hearing is likely the sound of wind actually getting through the cracks and crevices where your windshield because it was poorly installed.Depending on how much of a half-hearted job your dealer did, you will definitely be getting more external noises than you bargained for. The audio level can range from being barely noticeable to being distractingly loud.Nobody has time for that.Check just how bad the situation is by switching off your radio, turning off the A/C and rolling up the windows.As you drive at high speeds, if you hear any noises coming in through your windshield, you know who to blame.

Visibly Wavy Glass

Stand in front of your vehicle when it’s sunny outside and carefully look at the glass. If your windshield auto glass appears to be smooth and consistent, you are good to go. If you find any bumps or waves in your glass, you have an improper windshield replacement on your hands.That is a textbook case of low quality windshield glass installation and a definite sign that the company did not use factory-approved auto glass.

When It Rains Inside Your Car Too

It’s pouring outside and you can’t wait to get in your car, turn up the heat and enjoy the warmth and dryness.Turns out, you are facing a mini downpour inside your vehicle too! Water leaks around the corners of your newly replaced windshield are a result of a bad job done by the technician.Whether it’s a few drops or a persistent little stream of water seeping onto the dashboard, nobody wants a puddle inside their car while getting a car wash. 

The New Windshield isn’t Flush

No, we don’t mean that kind of flush.In the world of auto-motives ‘flush’ windshields mean that they fit snugly in the window frame. A professional technician worth his salt is going to make sure he installs the right sized windshield for your car.To figure out if your newly replaced windshield meets this criterion, analyze the auto glass to see if it adheres perfectly to the edges of the frame without movement.Besides being annoying, poorly replaced windshields can be dangerous. The tempered auto glass is designed to meet your safety needs.We believe that if you spent good money getting your windshield serviced, you deserve genuine work.

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