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Windshield Replacement

How to Care For Newly Installed Windshields

You hit the gas, but took your eyes off the road for just a second—and BAM! According to a survey conducted in 2012, 3,399 people lose their lives to car accidents in Houston every day! These numbers are big enough to warrant attention. If you were involved in a similar incident, it’s fortunate that your life was spared! But in accidents this intense, it’s rare for your windshield to be as lucky. Your windshield may be shattered to pieces, but even if it is, we can always fix it. But there’s a post-installation care routine that you must follow. Without proper maintenance, even your new windshield can fall into a state of disrepair. Here are a few tips for aftercare.

· Wait before driving

If you’ve gotten your car windshield replaced after a long time, you’re probably excited about getting behind the wheel once again! We understand the thrill, but it’s best to avoid driving your car for at least 48 hours.

· Let the seal dry safely

It’s not safe for there to be any breaks in the barrier while the seal on the new windshield is drying. Avoid leaving things lying on the dashboard or glove compartment. Similarly, don’t leave any heavy objects to rest against the windshield on the car’s exterior. This includes sunshades as well. It’s important that the areas near the windshield are free of clutter, so the seal isn’t disturbed while it’s drying.

· Leave a window slightly open

While it’s advised to not use the car immediately after a windshield installation, it’s also not safe to roll up the windows and lock the doors. This can build air pressure inside the car and that can stress the new seal. You don’t want that to happen because it can affect how well the moldings are set. It’s best to leave a window cracked open in order to release any pressure build up. Leave the car like this for at least a day before using it as usual.

· Don’t remove the retention tape

Our technicians use a retention tape to hold the new windshield moldings securely in place. This seal also helps shield the molding while it’s drying. However car owners often pull it off because it ruins the aesthetic appeal of their car. While we understand that it might be an eyesore for as long as it takes to dry completely, it’s best to leave it on for a while.  

· Avoid car washes

If you’ve recently gotten your windshield replaced, avoid getting your car washed right after. The new moldings can shift or get damaged if they don’t get enough time to set. High-pressure car washes can damage the installation. Automatic car washes and power washers aren’t advised either. If it’s absolutely necessary for you to wash and clean your car soon after you get a new windshield installed, go for manual cleaning. We offer auto glass and windshield repair and replacement in Houston, TX. Call us for all your auto glass needs; we won’t disappoint!

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