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Windshield Repair

How to Prevent Damages to Your Windshield

Have you been scarred by the last time you got auto glass repair? We know how costly they can get. During a time when you’ve already been in an accident, it can be financially and emotionally taxing!. Once you’ve been through the trouble of paying your repair bills off, you don’t want to go through it again. Being mindful of a few easy things while driving can prevent rock chip damage from happening to your windshield. Here are some of those tricks to keep your car and you safe!

Stay Within the Speed Limit

Speeding tickets are not the only consequence of over speeding. You might suffer greater financial loss if your windshield gets damaged because of a rock. Speed limits might seem like a nuisance when you’re getting late to reach somewhere but they can protect your windshield from serious damage. At a lower speed, the impact of debris can be reduced and you can avoid a rocky path by steering away.

Avoid Tailgating

Tailgating is the single most annoying thing that drivers experience on the roads. But if you’re in a habit of doing that, you’re actually jeopardizing the safety of your car. If the car ahead of you kicks rocks while moving, it might fly straight at your windshield and cause a crack. Maintaining a safe distance can prevent this from happening.

Avoid Construction Sites

It’s not unusual for construction sites to have loose debris and heaps of rocks lying around. If the road you’re taking has construction work going on, make sure to drive extra carefully. Keep the speed in check and your eyes on the road for any obstructions. Even though safety cones will guide you through a safe path but rocks and construction waste always happens to escape the barriers. Unless you can completely avoid that route, keep your car at a distance from other vehicles.

Steer Clear of Big Rigs

If you’re on a highway, you want to stay as far from semi’s and big rigs as possible. Since these vehicles have bigger tires, the chances of kicking off rocks with greater force are higher. When in doubt steer clear of semi’s because they mean bad news for your vehicle and windshield.

Avoid Gravel Roads

Since such roads are made entirely of rocks, they’re the worst routes to take. This is not only a problem because your tires may kick off rocks but other cars can also cause damage to your windshield. Either avoid such roads completely or drive slow and solo to avoid traffic.

Repair Immediately

Edge cracks and minor chips can seem small at first but they can extend further and damage a majority of the windshield. You might postpone a repair service to save money but it can actually amount to a larger sum later on if the damage aggravates. If you’re looking for places to get your windshield fixed from, come to us. We offer windshield repair and replacement in Houston. Call us at (832) 303-0318 or write to us at to enquire more. Drive Safe!  

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