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Steps to Take If Your Car is Broken into During the Holiday Season

Amidst the festivities that keep your spirits high during the holiday season, comes the increased chance of break-ins during this festive time of the year. Waking up to find out that your vehicle has been broken into will surely put a damper on your holidays.We understand that have your car broken into is extremely upsetting, but you need to think about your next steps carefully.Our experts have compiled a list of steps to take when your car is broken into:

Record all the damage done

 When you notice your car has been broken into, you’d want to enter the car and look at the damage done. Don’t move anything at all in the car; in fact, step away from it. Touching anything in the car can wipe away the fingerprints of the thieves, which could help identify them.Instead, begin documenting the details of the break-in. Take pictures of the way you found your vehicle; go into as much detail as possible without disrupting anything in the car.

Inform the police

Your first course of action must be to inform the authorities. The quicker you lodge a complaint, the likelier it is that the culprit will be found. Inform them of your location and do as they say.If the break-in happened while your car was parked outside your home, give the police the footage from your security cameras outside, but keep a copy of the recording for yourself too.Let the police know what has been taken from your car as well. This makes it easier for them to find the culprit.

Check if any debit or credit cards have been stolen

If you keep your credit or debit card in your car, in the glove compartment or wherever, make sure you check for it. If your cards have been stolen, call up your bank immediately to block those cards and reverse any transactions that have been made in that duration.

File a claim with your insurance provider

Having a vehicle repaired is a hefty expense. The expense of repairing your car after a break-in needs to be borne by your insurance provider. Call them up and file a claim so that the processing begins as soon as possible and you can get your car back in top condition.

Call up a windshield repair company

If your windshield has been smashed, a windshield replacement is needed. Once the police have taken all the evidence they need and have cleared your vehicle, it’s time to get your windshield repaired. Call up a reliable service that will do a good job at installation and help prevent future break-ins from happening.If you’re looking for a reliable auto glass company in Houston, get in touch with us at AAR Auto Glass. We provide automobile windshield replacement as well as repair. We also offer 24-hour auto glass repair services in the area, if you ever have an issue that requires immediate attention. With over 30 years of experience, our experts can help you with your glass-related troubles. Call us at (832) 303-0318 for more information or to book a service. 

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