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Windshield Repair

The Why and How of Windshield Chips

A flawless windshield enhances the overall beauty of an automobile. Unfortunately, every now and then, small imperfections may develop in your car’s windshield that tarnish its appearance and make it look less attractive. Windshield chips occur when small chunks of your vehicle’s windshield glass break off. Most windshield chips are usually limited to the surface of the glass and do not threaten the integrity of its entire structure. However, small chips can degrade over time and lead to the formation of larger cracks that can compromise the strength of the windshield and pose a serious safety hazard to the passengers of the vehicle. What Causes Windshield Chips? The following are some of the major causes of chips in automobile windshields:
  • Airborne Particles
Asphalt and gravel based surfaces are usually littered with tiny solid particles that can become airborne when vehicles move over them. The dirt and debris from roads can be projected onto automobile windshields at high velocities and leave noticeable imperfections in them. The faster the speed of the airborne particles, the greater will be the size and depth of the chips in a windshield. In order to keep your car safe from airborne particles, avoid driving too close to other vehicles. The closer you drive to other faster moving vehicles, the greater is the risk of your windshield developing chips due to high velocity airborne debris.
  • Natural Factors
Severe weather elements are also responsible for the development of chips and cracks in windshields. Hail can be devastating for an uncovered windshield. Fast moving hail particles can impact a car’s windshield with great force and cause small bits and pieces of it to be removed. The best way to protect your car from hail and other weather factors is to keep it parked in a shaded area. This will prevent hail, snow, and airborne debris blow strong winds from coming in direct contact with your vehicle’s windshield.  
  • Degradation Of Glass Quality
All manufactured items have a certain lifespan. A good quality windshield can last for decades. However, its structure may weaken if it is not taken care of properly. If the structure of the windshield is weakened considerably, there is a chance that it will develop cracks and small bits and pieces of it will start falling off. To prevent this from occurring, be sure to have your car’s windshield inspected routinely by qualified automobile windshield experts. AAR Auto Glass is a reliable provider of cheap auto windshield replacement services in Houston, Texas. If there is a problem with your car’s windshield, call our friendly customer sales team at (832) 303-0318. Our company also offers efficient and affordable windshield replacement in houston with a 10% discount for first time customers.

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