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Windshield Replacement

Why Quality Matters: Different Types of Windshields

If there’s one part of your car that you should never compromise on, it’s the quality of your windshield. Not only does the car’s windshield protect you from flying debris, but it also minimizes the risk of injury in the event of an accident. You’d also be surprised at how low-quality windshields that crack easily ruin the aesthetic appeal of your car.When it comes to getting their windshield replaced, people are often inclined towards the cheapest options available in the market. That’s never a good idea as chances are you’re going to end up damaging this windshield in a matter of months because they’re made from cheap glass that’s not durable. Here are the different types of windshields.

OEM glass

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) glass is a type of glass made by the manufacturer that provided the original glass of your vehicle. Car owners consider it the safest option as the glass meets the quality standards set by the automaker. It ensures that your visibility is not impaired, and you’re getting the windshield that fits and suits your car perfectly.However, a major drawback of installing OEM glass is that it’s considerably more expensive than aftermarket windshields. Due to the high cost, some insurance providers don’t cover the cost of OEM glass.

Aftermarket glass

Aftermarket glass is any glass that’s not Original Equipment Manufacturer glass. Aftermarket options have become increasingly popular over the years because of their affordability. While some people raise concerns about the quality of aftermarket glass, the kind of glass you’re getting depends a lot on the reliability and credibility of your windshield repair company.In addition to this, there are no safety regulations in place that prohibit the use of aftermarket glass. Some automakers are against the use of aftermarket glass, while others have no problem with it. Ultimately, it’s more important to be concerned about the quality of the windshield rather than its type. A high-quality windshield enables you to see the road clearly and protect the structural integrity of your car, especially in the event of an accident.If you’re looking for high-quality windshield repairs in Houston, TX, reach out to us at AAR Auto Glass. People who are concerned about the quality of their windshield would be pleased to know that we offer a lifetime warranty on our work. We value your time and money, which is why our replacements are affordable and take less than 30 minutes! Call us now at (832) 303-0318!

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