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Windshield Repair

Your Windshield Is Like Your Skin—It Can Crack In the Winter!

When the temperature hits 32°F, cracks on your windshield have a 60% chance of spreading. And with winter right around the corner, you should consider sending your car in for any pending maintenance and repairs ASAP.As you prepare your car for the winter, check the battery, replace the fluids and inflate your tires. Also pay attention to your windshield. With heavy snowfall and rain—depending on the area you live in—your windshield will take a beating, leaving you with chips, cracks, and maybe even shattered glass.

What Can Damage My Windshield During Winter?

While your windshield is vulnerable to damage throughout the year due to debris, rock chips, and stray balls, lower temperatures exacerbate the threat.Your windshield glass—or any glass for that matter—is very sensitive to temperature changes. Even though the change is almost negligible, glass contracts during the winter and expands during the summer months. If your windshield glass is constantly exposed to extreme temperature changes, it causes the glass to become fragile—and eventually crack or break.The following are some contributing factors:

Improper Installation

 A properly installed windshield is less susceptible to damage than an improperly installed windshield. A poor installation will put stress on the auto glass, making it vulnerable to stress cracks.

Unnoticed Damage

A chip or crack—regardless of its size—can compromise the strength of your windshield during winter. The chips and cracks may also fill up with moisture from snow, ice, and rain. The condensation will make the chip or crack to grow in size.

Substandard Maintenance

Your windshield wipers are going to be running for most of the winter. When was the last time you got them checked and repaired? Worn out wiper blades can scratch the surface of your windshield, which will cause cracks in the long run.

Windshield Cleaning Mistakes

Most car owners resort to getting rid of the snow and ice on their windshield with the help of hot water. They also blast their defroster to get rid of the fog.This does two things: it increases the temperature of your windshield quickly and drastically, which is a major contributing factor when it comes to windshield cracks. The temperature change also makes moisture quickly condense on the windshield which results in fog.Here at AAR Auto Glass, we take care of your windshield like nobody else does. We offer windshield replacement and repair services at affordable windshield replacement Houston! Get in touch with us today to know more!

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