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Vehicle Break-Ins Rise During the Holiday Season: Here’s What You Can Do to Stay Safe

The holidays are the time of giving and spending time with friends and family. Unfortunately, one more thing the residents of Houston have to deal with during the holiday season is the increased crime rate—break-ins in particular. Though law enforcement does its part to keep people safe, one can never be too careful.Vehicle break-ins are some of the most common crimes committed during the holiday season because of how discreet and quick it is. Thieves know where to look in the car for valuables. Reports also confirm that most of these break-ins happen while residents are out shopping for the holidays.Here are some of the best ways you can prevent these break-ins from happening to your vehicle:

Keep your valuables out of sight

Most thieves implement a smash-and-grab method of stealing. They don’t put much thought into how they’re going to approach a vehicle; instead, they craft schemes to swipe stuff once they’re in. Their main motivation to break into a car is that they’ve spotted something valuable.Before leaving your vehicle, make sure you keep all your valuables out of sight. If you have a laptop in the car, keep your laptop bag under the seat or keep it in the boot of the car. Likewise, don’t keep any handbags, wallet, briefcase, cash, keys, or shopping bags on your car seats.

Don’t park in secluded spots

                              Smash-and-grabs happen out of sight. How many thieves have you seen pulling off a break-in in broad daylight in a busy place? To reduce the chances of your vehicle being broken into, always park in a busy area where there are people around. If you’re parking in a lot, make sure it’s one with an attendant at all times. Thirdly, if you’re parking in the night, make sure it’s near a lamppost. Having a well-lit parking spot allows for clear CCTV footage, in case something does go wrong.

Anti-theft measures

Thieves can be lazy, believe it or not. They generally don’t expect to get a sizable payoff from the robbery. They are known to do such things for the sheer thrill and to make some money on the side. Making your car more difficult to break into is an excellent way to deter thieves.Ensure all your doors are locked when you leave the vehicle and all the windows rolled up all the way. Activate your security system every time you leave your vehicle too. Get your windows tinted, if possible. That makes the valuables inside your vehicle less noticeable and therefore lowers the chances of a break-in.Invest in a steering wheel locking mechanism just so that thieves are well aware of the extra effort you have put in to keep your vehicle safe.If you are to keep your cell phone in the car, don’t use the glove compartment. It’s one of the first places thieves look for valuables. Be smart about where you hide your cell phone.

Your windshield could help thieves

Smashing through a windshield is one of the main ways thieves can get into your car. While windshields have been developed to be quite strong, a damaged windshield or one that’s not been installed properly allows thieves to break into your vehicle easily.For the holiday season, make sure your windshield is inspected by a professional and replaced if needed.Get your automobile windshield replacement in Houston done by AAR Auto Glass. We offer 24-hour auto glass repair services in the area. With over 30 years of experience, our experts can help you with your glass-related troubles. We also provide auto glass repair. Call us at (832) 303-0318 for more information or to book a service.

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