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Windshield Repair

Why Is Windshield Maintenance So Important?

You probably rank windshield maintenance last when you think of cleaning or checking your car. It’s ironic how the only thing that allows you to look straight ahead and steer the car carefully is so neglected. If you’re in the practice of ignoring the maintenance needs of your windshield, read the following points. They’ll convince you how important it is to stay up to date with the issues in your windshield and get them repaired ASAP.

· Compromised visibility

Maintenance of your windshield begins with regular cleaning. A dirty, stained windshield will compromise the visibility. In order to maintain your focus on the road, you need the windshield to offer a clear view of the road ahead. Otherwise you risk running over a cat, missing a speed breaker, or hitting a pedestrian. Don’t undervalue the importance of windshield maintenance.

· Cracks are dangerous regardless of size

You might ignore a small crack or a chip in one corner of the windshield as negligible damage. But this jeopardizes your safety on the road as well as that of other drivers. At such times, it’s important to know that the appearance of cracks—big or small—is a cause for concern. This means that the structural integrity of the windshield is compromised and you need to act before it collapses in the event of an accident. Even slamming the door hard enough can cause the windshield to cave in. Don’t leave your windshield unrepaired to a point where a replacement is the only solution left.

· Tinting caused by sun exposure

Where do you generally park your car at work? If there’s no reserved parking in the basement lot, you must have to park it in the open parking space. This will expose your car to long hours under direct sunlight. You may not realize the effects of this for the first few months but direct sunlight can cause discoloration in the windshield. This can bleach the tinting in your windshield and make it difficult to drive during the day. In worst cases, it can also cause bubbles to appear in the windshield, which will require urgent repairs.

· Wipers get rusted or warped

How often do you get your tank refueled? Daily? Weekly? Fortnightly? It’s important that you stay as regular with checking the windshield wipers as you are with refueling your car. Your wiper blades need cleaning too. If left unchecked for a very long, they can get rusted to your car and become a pain to detach. Or, if left parked under the summer sun for long hours, they can get warped in the heat too. Letting warped and damaged wipers to drag across your windshield can leave deep scratches in the glass. And you know the struggle of driving with a badly scratched windshield! Don’t let damaged wipers impact the durability of your windshield and check them punctually to avoid permanent damages. We provide auto glass and windshield repair and replacement services in Houston, TX. Contact us if you’ve noticed any cracks or chips in your windshield!  

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